TI-59 Stories

TI-59 was the first computer for many of us and therefore changed our lives, helped us choose a profession, get acquainted with friends from all over the world... Are you willing to write something about the good old days and your TI-59?

Happy Birthday Dejan Ristanovi's story about his TI-59
RCL 20 Review of the book 'RCL 20 - People, Dreams and HP Calculators'
How Programming Discovered Me Phil Harrison's story about his TI-59 days
TI-59 in Menlo Park Robert Getsla's story about tweaking Broadband networks using a TI-59 program
Emulator Story Martin Harevia's story about TI-59 emulator.
TI-59 Ballistics Bruce W. Morlan's story about a military use of TI-59
Calendar printing Palmer Hanson's story about the friendly competition between TI and HP calculator users




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