TI-59 Links

 TI-59 links

bulletOfficial Web site of Texas Instruments, Inc
bulletTexas Instruments calculators page (no longer exists?)
bulletViktor Toth's site with extensive TI-59 library
bulletTI Programmable Calculator with the Programming 'How-To' guide
bulletTI-59 site in Portuguese - emulator available
bulletTexas Instruments Calculators (1972-79)
bulletGene Wright's Old HP and TI Calculators page
bulletTI Calculator page
bulletTIcalc.org, server dedicated to TI Graphing calculator
bulletMichael Spreber's home page
bulletFascinating Java based TI-59 emulator
bulletAbout TI-59 hardware
bulletTI-59 emulator, by Gemtree Software. Or just download the file
bulletTI-59 emulator for PocketPC


Related resources

bulletJake Schwartz' page, mostly dedicated to HP calculators
bulletThe PPC Flashback Page
bulletThe Museum of HP Calculators
bulletHandheld and Portable Computer Club (formerly PPC UK)
bulletPhotographs of famous calculator collectors
bullet Reverse-Engineering the HP-75C
bulletDatamath Calculator Museum
bulletMuseum of more than 1500 pocket devices


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