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As you can imagine, I did not actually build these Web pages in order to become world famous or rich - I had a weekend to spare and the TI-59 was my first love as a computer. So I decided to turn some of the great memories into this site.

The future of the site depends on your contributions - if you have time to write about TI-59 (your experiences, programs, techniques, jokes... anything), I will be very glad to publish the article(s) here. The author of the article gets a free e-mail address yourname@ti59.com - sounds cool, huh?

Obtaining copies of some TI-59 magazines I do not have would help me put the finishing touches on some of the pages. 

Please inform TI-59 users you know about this site and ask them to link it anywhere they can. Also, subscribe to the TI-59 discussion list. And if you know somebody interested in advertising on these pages, it could help pay the bills, especially for the enormous bandwidth :-) this site is about to generate.


Dejan RistanoviŠ
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